Chicago Farmer & The Fieldnotes, Album Release Show With Joseph Huber- Sunday, February 16th 6pm

$12 tickets available HERE or $15 at the door 
Chicago Farmer 
“Previously, frequent comparisons to the works of famed folk troubadour Arlo Guthrie have been spot on. With this impressive step forward in song craft and dimension, Chicago Farmer has moved beyond any previous limitations and associations. Storyteller, humorist and heartfelt proponent of the core values of humanity itself, Chicago Farmer has always had a message of compassion that the world truly needs to hear. Thanks to the added power of the band backing his insight and infectious spirit he is ready to take his message farther than ever before.” - Live For Live Music 
Joseph Huber
Joseph Huber hails from the state of Wisconsin, and seems to bring forth the varied voices of whatever it may be that lies dormant within either the fertile soil or the callous concrete of that world. It has been said, "You don’t just like Joseph Huber’s music. You feel it’s something that the rest of the world needs to hear, and how criminal it is that it isn’t spreading far and wide." That sentiment could be related to the fact that the voices which Huber unearths are subtle and take more than a hurried listen to truly absorb. A person who appears reserved and matter-of-fact in everyday speech brings forth songs that are anything but that. 

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