Coffeeshop Astrophysics- Alternative Telescopes- Saturday, November 16th 1:00pm

Our eyes are windows into the world around us. These biological lenses focus light and allow our brains to process everything we see. Our understanding of lenses gave us the invention of the telescope, which has forever changed the way we understand not only our world, but the universe around us. But these traditional telescopes are not the only way in which we can bring distant objects into focus. Using our amazing understanding of math and physics we might in the future be able to turn other objects, not just glass, into extemely powerful lenses, to build alternative and radically new types of "telescopes." So come to this talk and we'll look at the ways in which we might be able to turn objects such as the Earth or even the Sun into the lenses of future telescopes.

We will be holding lectures at Anodyne Coffee on specific Saturdays (listed in link below) starting at 1pm. Each event typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and questions are encouraged! Please see a list of the planned and past events at link below.

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