Coffeeshop Astrophysics- How did we see a Black Hole?- Saturday, October 19th 1:00pm

You may have seen it in the news back in April of this year, when a team of scientists from around the world managed to take the first direct image of one of the universe’s most enigmatic objects – a black hole. This tremendous accomplishment required the combined strength of telescopes from all around the world working together, effectively creating an Earth-sized telescope! How was all of this achieved, and moreover, how do you take a picture of an object which consumes all light that touches it, an object which for all intents and purposes, is invisible? Join us at Anodyne to drink coffee and talk science!

We will be holding lectures at Anodyne Coffee on specific Saturdays (listed in link below) starting at 1pm. Each event typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and questions are encouraged! Please see a list of the planned and past events at link below.

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