Holiday Stand Up Comedy Show- Friday, December 27th 8pm

Stand Up Comedy show with Jeff Spankowski, Chris Schmidt, Mike Berg and Judd Reminger

Doors at 7pm, showtime 8pm. $8 advance// $12 at the door

Tickets available here-

Jeff Spankowski :
Jeff Spankowski is a Milwaukee based comic whose quick jokes and rapid punchlines make him a hit with audiences all over the midwest. He has preformed in the Great Spirits Comedy Festival and the Cream City Comedy Festival. Jeff is very active in the Milwaukee comedy scene running The Twisted Laugh Comedy Show and Showcase.

Chris Schmidt :
Do not let Chris Schmidt’s mild mannered charm fool you; beneath that polite facade beats the heart of a savage joke writer—as evidenced by his warped wordplay and twisted punchlines. The Milwaukee comic makes a strong impression with absurdly imaginative and meticulously crafted material that explores such topics as his love of professional wrestling, his inability to act as an effective authority figure, and his resentment of cover bands. Chris is a producer of the Cream City Comedy Festival and has performed in bars, clubs, and theaters across the Midwest.

Mike Berg :
Mike Berg is a stand-up comic out of Milwaukee, WI. His comedy focuses on growing up middle class during late stage capitalism. Topics typically covered include being a proud member of the boomerang generation, fast food Twitter beefs, and existential malaise. Performing in bars, clubs, and basements across the Midwest, Mike has crafted a unique style to go along with his funny, personal material. He's been a featured performer for the Alternating Currents Arts Festival, the Cream City Comedy Festival, and hosted for Todd Barry at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival.

Judd Reminger :
a stand up comedian residing Milwaukee, Wisconsin telling jokes around the city’s various bars and comedy clubs. Performed comedy in the Midwest, East-coast and Hollywood's "The Mint". Judd's style of comedy is one of outrageous stories, corny short jokes and self-proclaimed narcissist. Off stage Judd hobbies include: Bouncer at Forever 21, Ghost Writer for Palm Readers and coaching his fantasy WNBA team. He has had two plastic surgeries in his face, just trying to Keep Up With The Kardashians. With strong opinions on unicorns and trying to school people on Walker Texas Ranger, he is a sure to bring laughs.

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