The Great Lakes Ukulele Gathering- Sunday, October 13th 9am-6pm

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A Ukulele Festival For The Masses. 2019 marks our 10th year of uke-a-hol-ism in the brew city. We offer a full day of vendors, workshops and concerts for all ages and all level of players. There is something for everyone at this event. Co-sponsored by Anodyne Coffee Roasters of Milwaukee our venue is located in a funky old third ward, cream city brick building that is the roasting headquarters for all of the Anodyne locations throughout the city. Doors open at 9am and the event finishes at 6pm. We run workshops from 10am-Noon and then from 1-4pm with a concert from 4-6pm. Full day passes are $55 dollars and Concert Only are $20.00. This years event is Sunday October 13th 2019. For more info contact; lilrev on facebook or 

2019 Uke Schedule 
This years event features a "Celebrate Hawaiian" theme, as we welcome 2 of the best... Steven Kahane Espaniola and Lanialoha Lee to Milwaukee to learn about Hawaiian Culture and Song. 

Doors open to attendees at 9am. If arriving to the area early, please wait until 9am to enter the building. 

9:15-10am Early Bird Mini Jug Band Jam Class in Roasting Room w/ Lil Rev & Hokum Boys

10am-11am: Beginners Ukulele Class w. Petey Mack Roasting Room {seats 50}

10am-11am: Uke The Beatles w. Ben Hassenger. Main Stage. {seats 75}

11am-Noon Intro To Finger-Picking W. Lil Rev Roasting room {Seats 50}

11am-Noon Island PowerStrums 101 w/ Lanialoha Lee. We'll play in various keys and tempos, and we’ll throw a few strums on top of that. Not only as it speaks to the World of Music, but also Hula. Our strums can communicate different styles, moods, etc. that will change the shape of hula in the same way we can shape our music. Learn a few strums characteristic of the pacific and endless applications. Main Stage {seats 75}

Noon-1pm Lunch at Anodyne, Food Truck (Gouda Girls) outside or many eateries in the hood! See our local restaurant list handout for ideas!

1pm-2pm Too High? Too Low? Transpose W/ Ben Hassenger. Learn the easy way to transpose, or change the key of a song, to make it easier to sing and/or play. Ben Hassenger has proven techniques that take the mystery out of this sometimes confusing topic. We’ll take some popular songs and play them in a variety of keys, as well as explore using a capo to change keys while using chord shapes you’re familiar with. (Confident beginner level and up.) Roasting Room

1pm-2pm Hawaiian Repertoire Part 1 w/ Steven Kanahe Espaniola Main Stage.

2pm-3pm Hawaiian Music in the Midwest. W/ Lanialoha Lee. We will be sharing music that will avail opportunities to apply strums delivered in Island Power Strums 201. Basic strum knowledge are welcome. A tour of Hawaiian music as it developed from post 1900’s including the arrival of Merrie Monarch Hula Competition that began in early 1970’s to the present. roasting room seats 50

2pm-3pm Hawaiian Repertoire Part 2 w/ Steven Kanahe Espaniola Main Stage

3pm-4pm Vendors are open for business/Socializing and sound check on MainStage for 4pm concert.

3pm-4pm The Top 20 Songs of The Memphis Flash Mob W/ Petey Mack in Roasting Room {seats 50}


4pm-MC Petey Mac welcome and song, Thanks to Sponsors 
4:10pm-4:30pm The Ukulele Kings {Lansing, MI}
4:30-5pm The Sheboygan Hokum Boys W/Lil Rev {Sheboygan, WI}{
5pm-5:30pm Lanialoha Lee {Native Hawaiian, Chicago raised}
5:30pm-6pm Steven Kanahe Espaniola {Native Hawaiian, CA based}
6pm- MC Thanks To Our Sponsors / Grand Finale

Thanks for coming!
Lil Rev

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