Burundi Kibingo Natural

About the Coffee
This limited release coffee comes from the Kibingo Washing Station which is located just across the southern border of Rwanda. There are about 3,515 registered coffee growers living in this area that bring their coffee cherries to this washing station. Some bring one bag, some bring five. These are all made up of sustenance growers that are growing coffee to aid their incomes. Annually these producers grow 300-500 kilos of coffee or about 650-1,100lbs. Farmers are able to collect natural fertilizer from the washing station as well as new seedlings to plant. The coffee trees in this area are older, some as old as 50. Starting new coffee trees can take up to 3 years before coffee cherries will start to grow, so with seedlings from the washing station this process can be expedited and farmers can plant trees more often. 

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