Burundi Kibingo NATURAL

Burundi Kibingo
Burundi Kibingo is back in the building! Head roaster Nolan had the pleasure of visiting the Kibingo washing station back in May of 2022. Tucked way up in the hills around 1,900 MASL, this washing station is a central drop off point for around 3,500 coffee growers who live in the surrounding area. The washing station is led by station manager Mark, who runs the show here. Raised drying beds line a twisted path through the property, a wooden bridge over a stream where they get fresh water for washing coffee, with deep concrete washing channels built into the side of a covered storage area packed with parchment, and a very tidy little office with filing cabinets and shelves full of notes from harvests prior. Here they do washed, natural, and honey processing, and are in the process of getting their organic certificate within the next couple of years, cheers! They pay premium prices for cherry deliveries to ensure farmers bring their coffees year after year, as there are some competing washing stations in the area. The producers receive technical support from the washing station, and the importer even has a livestock rearing program available for these producers, because having livestock in this part of the world equals a steady income. 

Burundi Kibingo Natural
We've been roasting the washed version of this coffee for about a month now and it is easily one of the nicest coffees in our current lineup. Juicy notes while hot, nice cocoa and red wine as it cools... oh so nice! The natural processed version of this coffee has even more unique tastes! We're finding notes of strawberry, buttery pastry, cocoa, jasmine, and a very silky mouthfeel with some super juiciness! Washed, natural, honey, they've got it covered. This one won't be around long so give it a try!

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