Guatemala Buena Vista Honey Process (Limited Release 12oz)

Our newest Limited Release offering comes from Finca Buena Vista, the farm of Fredy Orantes in the Fraijanes region of Guatemala. Finca Buena Vista is named after the beautiful views in Santa Rosa at the high elevation of 1,870 MASL where this coffee is grown. Fredy Orantes is a leader among the coffee growers here, with very high standards for record keeping and processing. This specific coffee was processed as a honey process, meaning that it was dried with some of the "mucilage" or sticky fruity substance still intact on the coffee seeds. This processing method allows for a wide variety of profiles to take shape during the drying process. This specific lot is clean, sweet, and sparkling. Mr. Orantes grows small plots of coffee varieties separated from each other to allow for unique profile building capabilities later. 

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