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Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

Mexico Monte Albán

Mexico Monte Albán

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About the Coffee
This fully washed and organic certified coffee from the department of Oaxaca is grown in the hilly mountain regions that surround the city. The harvest for the 2022 – 2023 season in this part of Mexico has proven fruitful, and our lot of coffee has landed with all its wonderful chocolaty sugary sweetness brimming like a chocolate waterfall, flowing down a sugary sweet mountain of vanilla and graham cracker. This coffee is named after the Zapotec ruins that are located near the city of Oaxaca, one of the earliest cities in Mesoamerica. It is an important cultural site packed full of ruins of temples, palaces, and a huge stepped observatory with views of the mountains. This mix of bourbon and typica varieties are grown by producers that live and farm in the vicinity of the city of Oaxaca, with elevations ranging from 1,700 - 1,900 MASL. They fully wash their coffee cherries on their own farms, and then spread coffee out on mats or patios to dry. 
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Frequently asked questions

Does your coffee contain nuts?

Nope, just coffee! No additional ingredients of any kind.

Is your coffee certified organic?

Our Walker's Point Roastery is MOSA certified. Look for the USDA logo to find our certified organic coffees or click the 'organic' tab in the shop menu.

How is your coffee roasted?

Our coffee is roasted on two S35 Kestrel Loring Smart Roasters. Up to 80% fuel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to conventional roasters.