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  • Arte Para Todos 2017

    Thu Apr 27 2017   8pm @ 224 W Bruce St.

    Arte Para Todos (art for everyone) was conceived as an answer to the defunding of art and music programming in schools, but it also serves as a replicable model of sustainable service to the community. We will always have the city we ask for, either explicitly or through apathy and inaction. Arte Para Todos is based on the idea that culture is an act of will, and that if we want a healthy, vibrant city where the arts can flourish then we have to act on that desire.

    8:00 Gas Station Sushi

    9:00 Suzie (Minneapolis)

    10:00 Taj Raiden

    11:00 No/No

    Featuring stage design by Kristina Rolander and live visuals by WC Tank

    Advance Tickets Available here:

  • The Moth - FRESH

    Fri Apr 28 2017   7pm doors 8pm show @ Anodyne Walker's Point 224 W. Bruce Street

    FRESH: Prepare a five-minute story about the crispest and cleanest of life's offerings. A new zip code, spouse, haircut or nose. Out with the stale, and in with the freshly baked. Tales of reinvention, from love life shakeups to a test drive of the new and improved you! *Tickets for this event are available on April 7th, at 2pm CT / 3pm ET. $10

  • Fox and Branch

    Sun Apr 30 2017   11am @ 224 W Bruce St. - FREE

    Everyone has fun at a Fox and Branch show.

    That has been the duo’s guiding principle for the past two decades, especially since performing for children and parents became their main focus. Dave Fox and Will Branch strive to create a communal atmosphere of fun and high spirits wherever they play. A Fox and Branch show is as much a celebration of being together as it is a musical performance. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the nationally known duo has toured the Midwest, the East Coast and the South. They are the winners of four Parent’s Choice recommended awards.

    Fox and Branch have appeared at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Symphony Space in New York City; Cafe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY; Club Passim in Boston, MA; and the Overture Center in Madison, WI. They have been featured at many Midwest festivals and community events. The duo has brought their show to libraries in Brooklyn, NY; St. Louis, MO; Boston, MA; southern Louisiana; northern Illinois and across Wisconsin.

    Fox and Branch consider themselves to be working in the tradition of great children’s performers like Pete Seeger, Ella Jenkins and Bessie Jones. Audience members are invited to sing along, to dance, and to come onstage to try their hand at the washboard and other musical instruments. Anchored in American roots music, the duo also plays traditional music from other countries around the world.

  • Joseph Huber Album Release Show w/special guest Al Scorch

    Fri May 5 2017   8:00 pm @ 224 W. Bruce Street Milwaukee $10

    Joseph Huber's 4th solo release, 'The Suffering Stage' is a shift both in writing style and in it's filled-out production style, which looks beyond his usual minimalist folk recordings. It features many of Milwaukee's best players, such as Ryan Knudson on pedal steel; Dustin Dobernig on keys; Andrew Koenig on electric guitar; as well as his long-time touring band members--Jason Loveall on fiddle; and Eston Bennett on bass. It follows his early self-released material--'Bury Me Where I Fall' (2010) and 'Tongues Of Fire' (2012)--and his 3rd album, 'The Hanging Road,' which was released under Nashville's 'Muddy Roots Recordings' label in Spring 2014.

    Joseph was a founding member of the .357 String Band--a group that, despite its abrupt break-up, still continues to gain popularity and is known as one of the most influential groups in the recent insurgent underground country and bluegrass movement. Having moved from .357, Huber has honed his songwriting abilities immensely and now continues moving onward and upward captivating folks with his sincere and well-crafted songs under his own name and with his backing band. Whether it's irresistible, fiddle-driven, dancing tunes or honest, heart-wrenching "songwriter" songs, Huber spans the spectrum of 'Roots' music while preferring not to stay within the boundaries of any strict genre classification.

    His lyricism and introspective writing style has received high acclaim from many Americana enthusiasts looking for a more substantive substitute to much of today's modern country. Maintaining a solid touring schedule, playing all throughout both the U.S. and all around Europe, Huber continues to gain positive press, including being listed on L.A. Weekly's '10 More Country Artists To Listen To (2014).' Blue Ridge Outdoor writes, “Songwriters like Townes Van Zandt, Chris Smither, and John Prine can marvel listeners in the simplest of acoustic settings,...From time to time, I stumble upon a new singer/songwriter whose work warrants comparison to the luminaries on this list. ...Huber’s songwriting has me comparing him to my favorites above.”

    Al Scorch--- Balanced on wedges of punk, old-time string band, American and European folk, and soulful balladry, Al is an entertainer, road warrior, storyteller, and one helluva musician. His second album and Bloodshot debut Circle Round the Signs is built on a sonic framework sharing an intersection with the Bad Livers’ lawless next-gen take on traditional country & bluegrass, and Black Flag’s burn-it-all-down revolt and breakneck tempos. From the train-hopping tale of “Pennsylvania Turnpike” – updating steel rails to concrete ribbons – to the shout-along, late-night lament of “Insomnia” (“I toss and I turn in my bed every night/ I’m sober but my mind’s as high as a kite”), the aural dexterity is thrilling.

    advance tickets available here--

  • Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound

    Fri May 12 2017   8:00 pm @ 224 W. Bruce Street Milwaukee $10adv/$12door

    So good we're doing it again! Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound bring forth a funky, lyrically charged racket that is explosive, yet intimate.

    $10 now/ $12 at the door. Buy tickets here-

    Taking cues from the dance bands of western Louisiana (and his native Midwest,), the streets (and 45's) of New Orleans, touring African and Caribbean combos and the soul, funk & blues of his youth, Paul Cebar is a masterful synthesist of rhythmic culture. His time spent in his second home of New Orleans, as a musicologist in Florida, and as a journeyman wanderer in Cuba, is reflected in his musical worldview.

    At the core is gifted songwriting, and the company Paul keeps bears it out: Bonnie Raitt, Nick Lowe, Chris Smither, John Hiatt and Cesar Rosas are among his friends and admirers.

    Tomorrow Sound are an elite crew. Drummer Reggie Bordeaux, New Orleans native percussionist Mac Perkins, and bassist Mike Fredrickson, throw down some of the best dance grooves in the business. Multi-instrumentalist Bob Jennings adds the luxury of implying a much larger ensemble with his multi-hued contributions on keys and reeds.

    Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound's latest album is “Fine Rude Thing” . The songs “Baby Shake” and “You Owe it to Me” feature Cebar's unique mixture of R&B, Caribbean and New Orleans style.

  • Coffeeshop Astrophysics

    Sat May 13 2017   1pm @ 224 W. Bruce St.

    Citizen Science, and the projects that you can be a part of! We live in an era where the experiments we run allow us to collect more data than anyone could ever hope to study by themselves in their own lifetime. We need all of the help that we can get - so would you like to don the lab-coat and become a scientist yourself? Many projects, including Einstein@home, SETI@home, or the Zooniverse projects, allow you to help out in the collective pursuit of knowledge, from hunting for gravitational waves, to listening for extraterrestrial life, to studies in biology, history, medicine, language, and more! And all from your own personal computer. So come join us to learn more about what some of these projects are, how they work, and what you can do to be a part of them!

  • Koch- Marshall Trio

    Thu May 18 2017   8:00 pm @ 224 W. Bruce Street Milwaukee $15

    Koch-Marshall Trio

    A brand new collaboration of renowned guitarist Greg Koch, his son Dylan Koch on drums and Hammond B3 organ specialist, Toby Marshall. A unique take on the organ trio concept combining undeniable grooves with soulful savagery. Drawing on a wealth of original material that crosses blues, gospel, jazz, funk with a healthy dose of chicken fried rock, the jams are constantly evolving making each performance unique and interesting.

    advance tickets available here--

  • Nineteen Thirteen

    Fri May 19 2017   8pm @ 224 W Bruce St. $5

    Cellist Janet Schiff and Percussionist Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes) create the bold and vibrant sound of NINETEEN THIRTEEN.

    A cello made in Romania in the year 1913, and a set of drums made in modern day America, entertain each other in a haunting melodic dance that suggests mystery, romance and future thought! Original compositions and looping are by Schiff, beat brushes and commentary are by DeLorenzo.

    The cello is from 1913, the music is from today!

  • Sam Llanas Band w/ sp. guest Driveway Thriftdwellers

    Fri May 26 2017   8:00 pm @ 224 W. Bruce Street Milwaukee $10adv/$12door

    $10 now/$12 at the door

    Sam (formerly of the BoDeans) is an iconic American singer, acoustic guitarist, and songwriter. Best known for his unique and distinctively soulful voice, It was Llanas’ voice that supplied the trademark vocal on Robbie Robertson’s “Somewhere Down the Crazy River.”

    Shedding new light on a multi-decade career Sam Llanas returns to his roots adding a refined rock sound complimented by a full band, all veterans of both studio and live performance. Behind his lone-wolf image and tuffness, Llanas continues to hone his skills. A master craftsman that feels most at home in the city he’s always called home, Llanas has set the stage for fans to embrace his new identity.

    Made up of veteran musicians from Madison and Milwaukee, the Driveway Thriftdwellers draw upon their founding brothers’ Northwoods upbringing to create a no-nonsense blend of DIY classic country and Americana sensibilities. Earthy vocal harmonies and down-home pedal steel distinguish the group’s sound. The Thriftdwellers’ live shows feature a diverse mix of original music – ranging from sprawling odes about unspoiled landscapes to up-tempo bar anthems – and occasional tributes to everyone from Merle Haggard to The Replacements, all lovingly performed with just the right amount of North Country twang.

    Advance tickets available here--

  • Trapper Schoepp and Ha Ha Tonka

    Fri Jun 2 2017   8:00 pm @ 224 W. Bruce Street Milwaukee $12adv/$15door

    $12 advance/ $15 door

    Coming straight out of Springfield, MO, Ha Ha Tonka specialize in disarming and effortless anthems that owe as much to high and lonesome Ozarks mountain music as chugging college rock.

    A week into recording their fifth album Heart-Shaped Mountain, Ha Ha Tonka was forced to start over. A massive hardware crash at the studio deleted everything. Following a wave of shock, the band regrouped and refocused, trying different approaches to song structures that they otherwise wouldn’t have, and made a resilient album of positivity and triumphant effervescence. After all, music has the power to overcome.

    Ha Ha Tonka formed in 2004, when four friends from the Ozarks of Missouri started playing music together. They recorded four critically acclaimed albums, played Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, and appeared on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Through it all, the individuals made friends, found love, some members got married, some had kids. Especially now, there’s a maturity in being able to assess life’s scenery and look toward the future. And there’s something altogether more powerful in making others want to feel the same exact way. After all, Heart-Shaped Mountain has the power to overcome.

    Trapper Schoepp is a young man who’s befriended a strange and diverse cast of characters during his 25 years. That small army of rogues & romantics, drifters & dreamers and soldiers & schemers populate his songs. Their tragedies & comedies, their lives & deaths recalled in his finely-etched musical vignettes.

    photo credit- Jason Conulsen