Arrow w/ special guest Lady Cannon- Saturday, February 15th 8:30pm

$8 advance tickets available HERE or $10 at the door

ARROW: “Music lovers will always come out to see new original music. That’s really who we’re counting on.”

Brothers Brian and Mike Kasprzak, guitarist Mike Friedl, bassist Dale Reince and Jourdain LaFrambois who plays keyboards have been fixtures in Milwaukee’s music scene – to one degree or another – since the mid-1990s.

Now, they’ve rearranged themselves into Arrow, an all-originals band that exudes an Americana swagger with a healthy dose of 70s vibe and an edgy pop-rock sensibility. Brian, best-known as the front man for Mississippi Cactus, penned the new songs during the past few years, all the while looking for a way to bring them to an audience. “Since I’ve already given up on making money by playing music … it would be great to get some airplay, to feel relevant in an ever-changing music scene,” he said. Friedl played guitar for Mississippi Cactus, Dale spent several years with Clementine and Jourdain played in Big Falls and Ghost Apollo.

Most recently, Mike and Brian perform as The Cactus Bros., a duo that focused on classic rock and country covers.

“The Cactus Bros. thing is great, but we’ve been playing the same covers for the last six years,” Brian said. “This is an opportunity to get people excited about our original music.”

Brian Kasprzak - guitar, vocals

Mike Kasprzak - drums, percussion, vocals

Mike Friedl - guitar, vocals

Dale Reince - bass, vocals

Jourdain LaFrombois - keyboards, vocals


LADY CANNON: Martha Cannon is hardly the first songwriter to note that romance is complicated, but few of her peers capture the ugly particulars of those complications with quite as much nuance. As the singer/songsmith behind Lady Cannon, she subjects her relationships to a vicious post-mortem, holding the mirror to herself as she details self-doubt, codependence, infidelity, deception and sunsetting love with unflinching candor. Raised on a Pacific Northwest farm largely secluded from pop culture, married by 19 and a single parent by her 20s, the Milwaukee musician has lived a singular life of tragedies and triumphs, and she channels those experiences into dreamy Americana that plays her lacerating lyrics against her honied voice.

After Lady Cannon’s first album, 2012’s impassioned Whiskey Dear, Cannon pulled the plug on the project and retreated from music. “I lost a taste for it,” she says. “My divorce kind of broke up the band and I struggled with performance anxiety and self-doubt.” It was drummer Devin Drobka who encouraged her to begin playing again and helped her shape the band’s unusual new direction and lineup, which includes some of Milwaukee’s most distinguished jazz and experimental musicians, including upright bassist Barry Paul Clark (who plays in Field Report along with Drobka), cellist Pat Reihholz and guitarist Andrew Murray Trim. The band’s new sound is softer around the edges thanks to those strings, yet as tough as ever at its core—a stately complement to Cannon’s sweet/sour songwriting.

Recorded with Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings, Lady Cannon’s album Fortune's Darling is an account of driftless men and determined women that documents the toll that trying to play it cool takes on the psyche of even the most resilient pragmatist. It features some of Cannon’s most barbed songs yet, and conversely, some of her most romantic, too. No matter how often she’s burned by relationships in these songs, she never loses her resilience.


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