Coffeeshop Astrophysics- How to Build the Periodic Table- Saturday, December 14th 1:00pm

We're all familiar with it, that collection of all of the basic atomic elements we have discovered organized by their common properties which we call the Periodic Table of Elements. They form the building blocks of essentially everything we can see with our eyes in the universe, but where did they come from? If you break down one of these atoms you get a collection of things like protons, neutrons, and electrons, but how do you put them together to build an atom in the first place? In this talk we will explore the ways in which the universe's factories produce nature's building blocks!

We will be holding lectures at Anodyne Coffee on specific Saturdays (listed in link below) starting at 1pm. Each event typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and questions are encouraged! Please see a list of the planned and past events at link below.

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