Colombia La Pradera

About the Coffee
Colombia La Pradera comes to us from the farm of the Daza family, which was started by Hector Daza in the early 1970s. The farm is run today by third and fourth generations of the family, led by Hector's grandson, Oscar Daza. Hacienda La Pradera is located in the Santander region of Colombia near the Chicamocha Canyon – the second largest canyon in the world! This canyon creates a microclimate that is perfect for coffee production. Alongside the coffee the farm has also planted many types of fruit trees including avocado, tangerine, and banana that increase the biodiversity, and provide partial shade for the coffee plants. Hacienda La Pradera is a state-of-the-art coffee company that works with eight other farms, a quality control lab, wet and dry mills that encompass all aspects from seed to export. We have been purchasing their fully washed coffee since 2017 and are very happy to have it back in our lineup!

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