Myanmar Lay Ywar

About the Coffee
This year we are one of the few roasters in the U.S. lucky enough to secure some bags from the Shwe Taung Thu group, a community based group of family growers that are part of the Lay Ywar Community. During all the instability in Myanmar these coffee growing communities have continued to produce coffee. The Lay Ywar community of growers have been producing coffee here for less than 10 years, and in that time they have gone from almost no framework, to being highly organized. They have started a coffee nursery, a capital fund, and they even share electricity with a local school. The quality of the coffee itself, as well as the work of processing it, is top notch. This group produces only natural processed coffees which works well because the climate in this part of Myanmar is very hot and dry during the harvest season, perfect for evenly drying the ripe coffee cherries on raised beds in the sun. We were only able to buy a small amount of this coffee so get some while it's here, it's a special one! 

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