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Myanmar Myin Dwin Natural

Myanmar Myin Dwin Natural

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About the Coffee
This lot comes from the milling and export company of Su Su Aung, a business savvy woman who started as a coffee broker in the local market, selling commodity lots across the border to China. With an interest in producing higher scoring coffees, she started her own processing mill, which allowed her to improve the quality of the coffees, and pay her producers higher prices at the same time. She took it on herself to organize a group of women who were already growing coffee, shared her knowledge she learned from participation in a Coffee Quality Institute program in 2015, and quickly from there started her own exporting company called Amayar, which translates as "noble lady". Pretty badass. She now has her own wet and dry mill, cupping lab, and donates 10% of profits back into her community. 

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Frequently asked questions

Does your coffee contain nuts?

Nope, just coffee! No additional ingredients of any kind.

Is your coffee certified organic?

Our Walker's Point Roastery is MOSA certified. Look for the USDA logo to find our certified organic coffees or click the 'organic' tab in the shop menu.

How is your coffee roasted?

Our coffee is roasted on two S35 Kestrel Loring Smart Roasters. Up to 80% fuel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to conventional roasters.