Opera On Tap- PASSION IN PIGSKIN opera, football, love triangle- Thursday/Friday, October 11/12 7:30pm

$10 now/ $12 at the door

Purchase tickets for Thursday, October 11th HERE 

Purchase tickets for Friday, October 12th HERE

Passion in Pigskin (Yes, a FOOTBALL OPERA!): Brought to you by OOT-WIS

Opera on Tap - Wisconsin (formerly Opera on Tap - Milwaukee, or OOT-MKE), an opera group who performs mostly in bars and restaurants, is bringing new things to the area. OOT-WIS is one of many chapters throughout the US and internationally. OOT-WIS prizes itself on being approachable, fun, relatable, giving the audience a taste of an art that has been misrepresented by modern media.

Other shows/operas our local chapter has produced include:

Amahl and the Night Visitors, The Marriage of Figaro, American Spring (local composer)

Due to OOT-MKE's performing of a local composer's work (American Spring), the New York-based composer/librettist duo of Passion in Pigskin (Michael Lydon and Ellen Mandel) took notice and reached out in interest of OOT-WIS performing their work.

Our performance location, Anodyne Coffee Roasters (Walker's Point), has made an agreement with us that allows the rental fee to not have to be a part of this campaign. THANKS ANODYNE!

Opera on Tap - Wisconsin wants to help the general public to understand and appreciate how approachable opera can be, especially with influences of jazz and other genres of music.

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