Semi-Twang // Saturday, February 29th 8pm

$10 advance ticket available HERE or $15 at the door

Semi-Twang: the name says country… sort of. To be more accurate, fold in some Blues, Rock and Roll, Folk and a pinch of the British Invasion sound and you’d be closer to the tasty stew they serve. 
Semi-Twang is a band of brothers — literally and figuratively. John Sieger writes the songs and sings them, brother Mike Sieger plays bass and sings sibling harmonies in the higher reaches. Producer/guitarist Mike Hoffmann, Keyboard/saxophonist Bob Jennings and drummer Bob Schneider, all veterans of great midwestern bands, flesh it out and then some. 
Formed in the 80’s and re-formed in 2009, Semi-Twang released the critically-acclaimed album "Salty Tears" on Warner Bros Records in 1988, with critics mentioning similarities to The Band, Creedence Clearwater and Doug Sahm. They call it Americana now, back then it was pretty new territory. 

After regrouping, Semi-Twang got busy. They released “Wages of Sin” in 2011, followed by “The What and the Why For” in 2014. Their 2019 release, “Kenosha,” is an ode to the Sieger brothers’ gritty but inspirational hometown. Coming down the pike in 2020 will be an unnamed collection of topical songs played on mostly acoustic instruments. 

“KENOSHA arrives like a mind-bending distillation of demented determination and delirious delight. Without being too overbearing, it’s as if there’s a secret force lurking in Milwaukee now that holds the power to solve the world’s ills if only all would listen.… In other words, they need to be heard to remind everyone that being alive is worth the uphill battle and righteous rewards await everyone just outside the corner bar when it's ten-degrees, closing time and an after hours party is within walking distance.”
Bill Bentley, Americana Highways

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