Shonn Hinton & Shotgun- Sunday, March 24th 6pm

$10 advance tickets available by clicking HERE or $15 at the door. Doors at 5:00pm, showtime at 6:00pm. 

Why search the world for great musicians when they’re right in your own backyard?

Those were Shonn Hinton’s thoughts when forming the super powerhouse group, Shotgun, in 2014. Although the group had played together for over a decade in Milwaukee, they decided to emerge into their own band that would headline tours, showcasing their pocketed, classic sound. Shotgun’s opportunity to shine came when they performed songs live from Shonn Hinton’s 2014 instrumental Gospel, Rock and Blues album “The Happy Hour LP.” And the reaction from their fan base sealed the deal as their supporters were avidly amazed, along with the movers and shakers of the music industry.

Now, with the wind at their backs, audiences worldwide can rest assured that Shonn Hinton, Olen Franklin, Darrien Williams, Alex Julien, Sean Williamson, and Terry Jeans Jr. are approaching music’s next great awakening.

For Shonn, Shotgun’s personnel guarantees not only great musicianship, but diversity as well. “I wanted the hard hitting drumming that’s rooted in rock, Bass playing that provokes the feeling of Detroit soul, sweet twang, with dirty guitar playing, and singing that put’s you in the mind frame of a Baptist preacher” says Hinton. “It wasn’t hard picking the members, because of our experience playing around Milwaukee at restaurants, birthday parties, graduation parties, sorority luncheons along with the selection of music we’d play opened our minds to different styles of music.”

The years of local gigging gave the boys all the experience that they needed for the next step of their careers as Shotgun. Poised, primed, and sharp as a number two pencil, “there’s nothing we’d rather do than create and perform are music all over the world,” Hinton says, “and we’re going to do it.”

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