SistaStrings with guest Bill Camplin- Saturday, February 24th 8pm

$8 advance/$10 at the door

Monique and Chauntee come from a musical family of 5. Each of the 4 daughters played one stringed instrument a piece while their brother played piano. The girls began singing and playing as a group in their church and soon they were invited to churches all over the midwest. As each sister graduated high school and went off to college, the group became smaller. Finally, Monique and Chauntee were the only ones left and the only ones who desired to make a career with their music. 
They are both classically trained musicians having studied at the String Academy of Wisconsin and the Music Institute of Chicago. Both are pursuing higher education in music performance. Although they are classically trained and are passionate lovers of the classical music genre, their first love is gospel music. Their sound is soulful and fresh, a very unique blend of their eclectic musical background. Individually, they have accomplished a lot musically. They've opened for gospel artists Witness, Virtue, and Fred Hammond. Their background in gospel music has allowed them to cultivate their improvisation skills and use their instruments as their voice. After years of being harassed about making a recording, Monique and Chauntee finally feel like they have a perspective and a message that they want to convey to others through their music.

"Bill -Camplin- is a singer-songwriter of modest regional fame (we are a modest region), and as a performer has created a listening space -Cafe Carpe- in which he and others of his ilk love to play."-

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