Stand Up Comedy at Anodyne - Friday, July 27th doors 7pm/laughs 8pm

$8 advance tickets available here

$10 at the door

Tito LaBine:
Tito LaBine is a Native American from northern Wisconsin now living in Milwaukee. His comedy style of story telling directly relates to his heritage as a Native American. He's traveled all over the state performing at colleges and casinos. His unique perspective will give you a hilarious look into life as an overweight Indian from Wisconsin.

Brady Gregurich:
Everybody needs a reason to drink. Brady is your reason. Brady’s take on dating past your prime  to being the crazy Uncle not quite ready for parenthood. Oh-and drinking, for all those reasons and many more. He tours the Midwest and has worked with some of the greatest comedians touring today including Doug Stanhope, Chad Daniels, Bob Zany, and Tim Cavanagh. Enjoy a night out with lots of laughs and maybe a drink too. Giddy up!”

Judd Reminger:
Justin “Judd” Reminger grew up in a small town in Northern Wisconsin. Now residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin telling jokes around the city’s various bars and comedy clubs. Judd's style of comedy is one of outrageous stories, corny short jokes and self-proclaimed narcissist.  Off stage Judd hobbies include: Bouncer at Forever 21, Ghost Writer for Palm Readers and coaching his fantasy WNBA team. Judd has had two plastic surgeries in his face, just trying to Keep Up With The Kardashians. With strong opinions on unicorns and trying to convince people that he knew the whole time the Hannah Montana was just Miley Cyrus in a wig, he is a sure to bring laughs.

Carter Deems:
Carter Deems is a standup comic/battle rapper living in Milwaukee, WI. He was on the writing staff of the TBS show Drop The Mic and his online vids have over 3 million views. He has also appeared on Funny Or Die, Snoop Dogg’s Gladiator School, and Animation Sandwich. He has performed at the Comedy Store, UCB Theatre and the Cinder Block Comedy Festival. He owns two microwaves.

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