Them Coulee Boys with special guest Driveway Thriftdwellers- Friday, May 3rd 8pm

$8 advance tickets here- or $10 at the door

Them Coulee Boys craft a brand of Americana that blends punk, bluegrass, and rock & roll. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and drum provide the pulse that drives their original music. They are currently finishing up their 3rd album (Spring 2019 release), which is being produced by Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles. They are supporting Trampled By Turtles on tour in January.

Founded in late 2013, Them Coulee Boys have quickly become a force on the Midwest music scene. Them Coulee Boys live shows are energetic affairs, with a constant passion and sincerity evident in each song they play. Some songs it's an infectious stomp, inviting the listener to dance along. Driving banjo, guitar, mandolin, and bass provide a backdrop for fast-paced narratives about love and life, ordinary or incredible. Other songs leave room for space, with ambient electric banjo and finger picked instrumentation accompany songs dealing with the harsh realities of things we cannot control. These are songs from a band that is not afraid to take chances. These are songs from a band that's comfortable stripped down, or turned way up. These songs are deeply personal and entirely relatable. Maybe that's what makes theses songs so easy to sing along with, and these performances so moving. You're invited to feel a whole range of emotions, and that makes for shows that you won't soon forget.

Reviews of their second record:

"Mixing parts Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, and a country soul, the effort proves a strong and accessible album for those who may be growing tired of the typical new folk band."

"Epic, virtually cinematic feel...This really is a tremendous and memorable album."

Them Coulee Boys regularly share the stage with Charlie Parr, Pert Near Sandstone, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, and Dead Horses. More recent engagements include Sam Bush and the Blue Ox Festival with Del McCoury and Jeff Austin.

$8 advance HERE / $10 at the door

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