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Burundi Kalico

Angele and Consolata, two friends and experienced businesswomen, made the decision to start a coffee business in 2012. They purchased 7 washing stations and focused on developing close partnerships with growers – the ultimate goal being to process and export Burundi’s best coffees. With that, Kahawa Link Company (Kalico, for short) was born.The washing stations are located in the Kirundo and Muyinga provinces of North-Eastern Burundi. Each location serves 1000-3000 small scale farmers who primarily grow the bourbon varietal. Coffee quality was critical to Angele and Consolata from the very beginning, so they engaged in multiple outreach efforts with farmers in order to ensure best practices from nurseries to picking. As the quality and value of the coffee increases, they continue to invest in additional training, environmental protection, inputs, micro-credit, micro-insurance and social infrastructures in partnership with producer organizations.

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Coffee Details

Tasting notes: guava, lemon meringue and brown sugar
Producer: Kahawa Link Company (Kalico)
Location: Kirundo and Muyinga
Varietal: Bourbob
Altitude: 1,650 - 1,700 MASL
Processing:Fully Washed