Farewell Milwaukee w/ Devil Met Contention- Friday, April 8 8:00pm


Swift and inventive, Farewell Milwaukee’s sound is informed by artists from the 60s and 70s but is never beholden to them. Instead Farewell Milwaukee bend those influences into new shapes and sounds. On Can’t Please, You Can’t Please Me they work hard to make it look easy, establishing a casual country-rock majesty on the album’s very first notes.

Farewell Milwaukee have been mainstays on the Minneapolis scene since 2008, with two albums and countless live shows under their belts, but Can’t Please, You Can’t Please Me represents an enormous step forward. It’s their most confident album: the band shows fresh resourcefulness in crafting its sound, and lead singer Ben Lubeck digs deeper into his own personal life to pen songs that reveal new, often dark depths with each listen. “I’d be lying if I said this record wasn’t extremely personal to all of us,” he says.

Devil Met Contention:
The southern Gothic sound of Devil Met Contention is perfect if you feel like dancing, socializing or drowning your sorrows with a bottle of whiskey at the end of the bar. There’s something for everyone in this music.

Devil Met Contention combines country, folk and blues into a dark Americana sound that brings to mind Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash. Formed in 2012 by singer/songwriter Ehson Rad the lineup is rounded out by bassist Max Nemer, guitarist David Schuyler and drummer Nez.

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