holy sheboygan

Holy Sheboygan! Album Release w/ guests Ruth B8r Ginsburg and Ali Lubbad (Painted Caves) Friday, June 9 8pm


      “Holy Sheboygan! heard the call of the wild, a whisper from the woods beckoning them forward, and they followed. They’ve describe their beginnings as emerging from the forest, mud caked to their skin and tangles of leaves and twigs in their hair. Or, to quote them directly, “Holy Sheboygan! were founded at the beginning of time. They will be playing along to the thunderclap at the end of existence.”
     This tight-knit collective—“band” doesn’t quite cut it with them—lived on the land while crafting their latest LP, FOUR, which is a bustling array of rust-lined folk. Percussion runs rife throughout the album, with the interchange of claps and acoustic drumming further fostering this sense that we’re on the cusp of a spiritual awakening.”   ~ Kelly Kirwan, ThrdCoast
      Holy Sheboygan! have been a mainstay of the Wisconsin music scene for four years.  With members from Milwaukee, Appleton and Madison, they lead the way in their self-defined “Garbage Folk” genre – the best way to describe the sound of a plethora of influences being scavenged, repurposed and recombined into a recklessly visceral musical experience.  They return to Milwaukee as part of a short tour to officially release FOUR.