The Vitrolum Republic, Dickie and Chris Du Pont- Friday, November 11 8pm


About Dickie:
DICKIE is the exploration of subtle symphonies over creative prose, indie popped out melodies, under innovative storytelling and original grooves.

Veteran tunesmith Dick Prall has taken his wares and shared them with violinist Kristina Priceman to create a collection of dark, gorgeous, and oft-times moony sing-alongs. The self-titled record comes in like a bellowing newborn, but settles into a pace of dynamic ebb and flow as it ages and ends with a Roy Orbison-styled recount of hopeful love that never bleeds into the saccharine.

About Chris DuPont:
With influences ranging from classic American songwriters like James Taylor and Tom Waits, to artists like Tycho adn Philip Glass, DuPont’s sophomore effort has its roots in folk music, and its branches spreading wide across conventional genre divides. In Outlier, the classic eloquence of the 70s collides with a present-day catharsis; classic Americana themes become married to contemporary notions of self-care, and speaking your own truth. Throughout the whole work, DuPont’s focused baritone remains a constant, bringing a steadiness and reassuring cohesion in the midst of the album’s at-times heavy themes.

About Vitrolum Republic:
The Vitrolum Republic’s style has long defied a succinct summary. Over the past decade in Milwaukee’s music scene, they’ve blended styles from American roots and folk music with elements of blues, rock, singer-songwriter and classical genres. Over time their style has evolved, whether by new influences, collaborations or through experimentation in the studio or in live performances.
Passionate throughout their performances of original compositions, loops and effects create an orchestra of improvisational sound ensuring that the group’s shows are always unique. “Vitrolum,” is a word they created that represents a conduit of sound and through their performances, these musicians and their audience become part of “The Republic” and work to create the communal experience and sense of place that is “The Vitrolum Republic.”