Colombia Finca El Triunfo

This very limited offering comes to us from the family-run farm of Nicolas and Patricia Ome located in the Huila department of Colombia. Their farm is named Triunfo, (Spanish for triumph) boldly named after their success in growing coffee. Nicolas and Patricia bought this farm back in 2005, their first coffee farm, and are currently growing many types of coffee varieties that grow well in the volcanic soil here. This fully washed coffee is of the pink bourbon variety, a naturally occurring mutation of red and yellow bourbon varieties. This variety is known for its bright African-like acidity, strong floral notes, and a layered complex body. They handpick their own cherries as well as do the processing themselves. The cherries are rested for 18 hours to lightly ferment and bring out some fruity flavors, then they are pulped and fermented in water for another 48 hours to loosen the mucilage, and finally washed off and spread out to dry. This coffee is certainly a triumph. 

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