Panama Finca Lérida Natural

About the Coffee
This coffee, from the first coffee plantation ever built in Panama, is a real treat. Finca Lérida was established around 1920 by a Norwegian man, Tollef Boche Monniche, who was in Panama as part of the team building the Panama Canal. After 4 bouts of Malaria he decided he needed to find some higher ground with more fresh air to get away from the mosquitos, so he traveled to the Chiriqui Highlands – about 10km uphill from the town of Boquete near Volcan Baru – which is now a beautiful national park. Here he settled with his wife and started the coffee plantation, with his first exports heading to Germany in 1924.
Today this farm is owned and operated by the Chiari Family, who hires local people and migrant workers to work on the farm. They also set up a school for the children of the families so they have education while their parents are working. Pacamara is a variety of coffee which is a cross between the Pacas and Maragogipe varieties. This cultivar produces very large cherries, and is capable of exceptional cup quality. You'll notice that these are very large beans!

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